Our staff includes members, moderators and owners from the chat. They constantly help on the chat, by moderating the room and instructing new users.

Note: Not all the staff can be middleman.

Help us now!

You can start doing your part by telling your friends about Loja, and how important it is to follow the recommendation of using a middleman to buy or sell an id.

See the middlemen list

Become a moderator

Moderators need to be friendly users who are willing to help on the chat during the most diverse situations.

You can talk to an owner on chat and talk about your interest of joining the staff. They may guide you from there.


Main OwnerCupim (11011)
Main OwnerMstr (1013)
Marek (2018)
Marya (1005)
GAEL (6060606)
Sevda (190301)
Stif (1221)
ModeratorDJCRAZY (444000444)
ModeratorMihai (166211569)
ModeratorDimm (1991)
ModeratorRiaa (101010)
ModeratorZille (248700245)

Conduct codes

All staff members are subjected to a series of conduct codes which reinforces the responsibility of acting as a moderator or owner on the chat.