Sell your id

How to sell your ID

  1. If you have powers, xats and days, transfer all to other account to save them.
    Go to – do login then click More button, next Delete.
  2. You need to be logged out to get the register link.
    To get it go to any chat: – type and send LOGIN then click.
  3. Now on the login page click Register and there from the address bar you copy the link (REGLINK)
    Be very careful with the register link. Anyone with the register link can register the id.
  4. Try Loja ids for sale
    Free to advertise. Contact a blog editor or an owner on the chat.
    Ask for your id to be added, no cost at all.
  5. We highly recommend using one of our middleman for the id trade.
    Middleman will help for FREE. There is NO cost.
    Middleman will not ask for personal information (email, password, etc.)
    Middleman enter the chat with orange (owner) or blue (member) pawn. (NO OTHERS!)

Is it allowed to sell the ID without deleting it?

  • No. Sorry. Not safe!

List of sold ids (all added from Loja)

  • Note: Not every id that was sold (or added on the ids for sale list) is added here.
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