Buyers and sellers rules

This set of rules are valid to all the users listed in the lists.

1. You must be clean.
Blocked users are not allowed to be a buyer nor a seller. Any type of hold accounts as a block, that means you cant sell nor buy while on hold.

2. You must be active. 
Buyers will be removed if they go inactive for a time period longer than 30 days.

3. Active ID trading
All IDs listed for sale will be removed a month after the date they were added. The seller can ask for the ID(s) to be added again though (no limitations).

4. Be respectful when selling or buying from your chat or other groups.
Buyers and sellers must be respectful at all times on and outside our chat. Any type of disrespect transmitted from other chats will be considered a violation of our rules.

5. You can offer xat items only.
Xats, days, powers and IDs (register links) are allowed. Any other type of virtual item from third party sites or cash (real currency money) are not allowed. There’s one exception which allows verified resellers to buy and sell for cash. //

6. Do not be banned by the chat rules.
If you are banned for over two weeks or forever from our chat, that means you and/or your ID(s) will be removed from the list(s).