How to buy an ID

Buying an ID
Note: does not support the trading of IDs except through xat auctions.
Click here to read more about xat auctions.

Before buying an ID, check if the ID exists. To check, click here.

1. Buy an ID with the register link only, this way you can re-register the ID and make an account with your own email, this is the safest way to buy an ID.

2. Take screenshots of the transaction (as proof). 
Record the parts where the other part is offering, specifying the content of the sale, mentioning terms, values/prices, and any other type of reference to the trade. Take proofs from the start to the end of the transaction.
We suggest Lightshot for quick screenshots.

3. Use a middleman
The middlemen are listed below and are users that can help you with the trade.
Marya – middlewoman account: MaryaMiddLeLoja (258568192)
True – middleman account: middLeTrue (1509331812)
Sevda – middlewoman account: Sevda (190301)
Stifler – middleman account: StiflerMiddle (585765754)
Mstr – middleman account: Mstr (1013)

Be careful at all times and never share your password or personal information.
!! Verify the ID of the middleman !!

NEVER buy an account with email!
BUY the register link (“reglink”) ONLY!
The seller has to delete the account first to generate the register link
So the process maybe delayed, which is good as you can wait for an available middleman.

The prices of ids are defined by the users, through their rarity and the customers’ demand.
xat also auctions rare and community requested IDs, and sometimes the auctions affect the pricing of IDs.

Available IDs for sale:

Selling ID: Offer/Preferences:Seller contact: Reglink:
(34M)250KTero (518433766)Available!
22113Negotiable. JUNO (22113)Available!
33225Negotiable.Ob3yta (33225)Available!
37340Negotiable.Mstr (1013)Available!
50505130KStif (344107857)Available!
100006Negotiable.Mstr (1013)Available!
100007Negotiable.Mstr (1013)Available!
19033558KStif (344107857)Available!
272727Negotiable.iB0rn (1529294060)Available!
303030Negotiable.Mstr (1013)Available!
500005Negotiable.Mstr (1013)Available!
76886788K shot (768867)Available!
800815Negotiable.Lukasz2018 (97851440)Available!
1000002Negotiable.Mstr (1013)Available!
100009160KStif (344107857)Available!
1000505Negotiable.iB0rn (1529294060)Available!
1001300Negotiable.iB0rn (1529294060)Available!
111011160KStif (344107857)Available!
111111180KStif (344107857)Available!
1140000Negotiable.Mstr (1013)Available!
1234560Negotiable.Mstr (1013)Available!
2220222Negotiable. iiiRavenTm (850544880)Available!
300300345kStif (344107857)Available!
6060606Negotiable.Mstr (1013)Available!
1000001035kStif (344107857)Available!
10109010Negotiable.Nyks (10109010)Available!
45093066Negotiable.Mstr (1013)Available!
66669999Negotiable.Mstr (1013)Available!
99179025Negotiable.Mstr (1013)Available!
333313331Negotiable.Mstr (1013)Available!
777877559Negotiable.iB0rn (1529294060)Available!
800109901Negotiable. iiiiiiGame (1508888308)Available!
999000999Negotiable.Mstr (1013)Available!

To see how you can add your id(s) to the list above, click here.