Meet our staff.

ATTENTION: Middleman use unique accounts. 

Chat staff

Owners and moderators work together to watch the chat.

 Namexat IDRank
CupimCupim (10000690)Main Owner
LucaLuca (10346)Owner

MaryaMarya (11011)Owner
ManuManu (2400000)Owner
MarekMarek (13M)Owner
SevdaSevda (869659734)Owner
TreyTrey (8M)Owner
TrueGAEL (5550555)Owner
MstrMstr (172762838)Owner
BoohBooh (44184)Moderator
NoéiNoe (6494)Moderator
DJ CrazyDJCRAZY (444000444)Moderator
Mafia1 mafia1 (585658025)Moderator
Mihai Mihai(166211569)
SK4T3LSK4T3L (300064311)Member
S4MUELS4MUEL (11118888)Member
ZilleZille (248700245)Member

Blog editors

Blog editors help to maintain our site quality, updating content and bringing new things.

 Namexat ID
CupimCupim (10000690)
ManuManu (2400000)
ThukThuk (91667566)
StifStif (1997)


  • Middleman will help for FREE. There is NO cost.
  • Middleman will not ask for personal information (email, password, etc.)
  • Middleman enter the chat with orange (owner) or blue (member) pawn. (NO OTHERS!)
 Namemiddleman ID (do not proceed if it says other ID)
MaryaMaryaMiddleLoja (258568192)
MarioMor3 (1503151260)
SevdaMeowLoverS (1474562355)
TreyTreyMiddLe (1505780407)
TruemiddLeTrue (1509331812)