Middleman list

Middleman are used to increase security when buying or selling xat ids.

  1. Before transferring xats or sharing the register link, make sure you are talking to a real Loja middleman.
  2. Before transferring xats also verify if their pawn is the badge icon (middleman are badged).
  • Middleman will help for FREE. There is NO cost.
  • Middleman will not ask for personal information (email, password, etc.)
  • Middleman enter the chat with orange (owner) pawn (Never guest,mod)

See below the list of the real and ONLY middlemen Loja has:

StiflerStif (344107857)
MisterMstr (1013)

These ids above are their main accounts, and the middleman use an alternative id to receive xats.
Please do not send xats to their main account. ONLY transfer to the middleman id. All middlemen ids are listed below:
*If the id is not listed here and on the chat they claim to be a middleman, please screenshot to report and ignore!

List of middleman ids

NAMEMiddlemen Account
StiflerStiflerMiddle (585765754)
MisterMstr (1013)


If you have seen users attempting to scam others by claiming they were middleman, please report as soon as possible.
Do not forget to take screenshots, both of the conversation and the user’s id.